Monday, 8 November 2010

This idea is still very much being processed.
Started out by looking at subtitled films and how when you watch them, because you are concentrating so much on what you're reading, you miss parts. When looking back you only remember significant scenes, and you miss the scenes that involve transition or have no action on dialogue. From this I looked at "the any space-whatever". A term used by the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, to describe a scene such as a station, or the tube. A place where the character travels from one place/scene to another.
The "Any Space-Whatever" was a term which already exsisted and was used to describe a place of transit between places of importance and that it is a homogeneous, de-singularizing space.
Deleuze argued that it was actually the opposite and that in these spaces characters and relationships are formed.
Taking this into account I wanted to display an " any space-whatever" that took both theories of it into account. So I wanted it to be an anonymous space but personal to me. That's why I decided to paint this hallway. It doesn't hold any personal qualities and looks like any other hallway, but it's my hallway that I pass through everyday so is personal to me.

Below is the painting without any text. But I wanted to go back to the original thought/ idea so added the text to see if it would work. Ignore the text, from a song. Very lame and incase you cared its from a song called "That Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra.
I think if I find the right words to go with it, it could work.

I bet this doesn't make any sense to anyone else. Oh welllll

Friday, 5 November 2010


oil on paper